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 Here are the details below:
Abeke Makeover Limited
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Then send a Whatsapp  message with proof of Payment, your full name and E-mail address to +2348066896259 so that we can confirm your payment and activate you right away.


Immediately after you complete your registration by making your payments and sending in your details to the WhatsApp number, You will get an email from us with the link to your dashboard which will house all your courses for the next 1year.


You only need the zeal to learn and determination to pull through, as you must realise that this is a real skill that when learnt, is used to create real products that people actually demand and pay good money for. 

So you must be ready to put in good work.
You also need to have  access to the internet, Data and a Mobile Device or Computer that you can watch videos on.


It depends on your choice of programme/s and how  focused you are, as some of our programmes like the Turban Shaper Method can be completed in as little as 1 hour and others like the Ultimate Autogele may take you between 2 weeks   to 1 month to perfect.


Not necessarily.
 Let me explain. I personally have never used a machine to sew ever because there has been no need for it as i live in Nigeria where Tailors/ Seamstresses and Machinists are surplus.

So when i started out, and i hadn't employed tailors of my own, i used to go out and search for tailors who had a shop and machine/s but weren't busy.

 I'd  teach them what i needed them to do for me and after 1 or 2 sessions with them, they'll get it exactly as i want and i'll pay them and make an agreement with them to be my tailor/s that i'd always bring my jobs to them, emphasising that its "sharp sharp money" for them. 

After then, i just drop off and pickup at agreed times once i've determined that the person will do my job well even when i'm not there, otherwise, i stay and supervise in order to avoid "stories that touch" lol.

In your case though, thanks to the videos, all you need do is to show the person the video training  of what you need sown and once they follow the instructions properly, they'll get the desired result and you can then go on to doing the parts you've chosen to specialise in.

If however you live in a abroad where DIY is the order of the day and tailors are not readily available, you may need to search and take a BASIC sewing course that teaches you how to operate a machine after which you can then with the help of the sewing videos in your courses start sewing easily the parts that you need sewn.

 Believe me, it's easier than you think, with all the motorised sewing machines and all, most of the difficulty will exist only in your mind. I say this because i've had quite a number of students who have had to take this route and this is what i've been told. 

There's nothing in the world worth doing that doesn't take time and effort for its mastery. All i can say is, if you can overcome this hurdle, it'll be worth it in just a little while.


Abeke, the inventor of  AUTOGELE and the No. 1 authority on HEADGEAR AUTOMATION will be teaching you. Suffice to say you cannot get a better tutor!

You will be hosted in a private WhatsApp group where you'll meet all other students taking the course just like you where we share results, challenges, corrections, Inspiration and  we Motivate each other. 

You'll be able to ask all the questions you want and get answers to them quickly.


All training videos in each Module you register for will be released to you under 24hrs of completion of your registration.
Once you access your courses though, the videos will be available on your dashboard for 1year.


We provide round the clock support via our dedicated WhatsApp group and a direct access to your tutor You will not be alone. We will literally hold your hands to ensure you succeed.


In my quest for perfection in the art of Gele, I stumbled on her page and story and contacted her, I'm glad i did because
Her online course videos are  very detailed and explicit, and although i have many years of experience in the fashion business I gained a lot not only on Autogele but even as it concerns other aspects of fashion.
I highly recommend this course to anyone that really desires to make a difference in their arts and crafts, you'll be glad you did.
Bukola Makinwa Inengibo
I prayed for an opportunity to partake in Abeke's Course and fortunately I got it.
In fact it was a new ball game entirely, my sense of creativity and orientation in the business improved.
I learnt a whole lot on how to create professionally finished Geles and I can now proudly say I'm a professional in the industry courtesy of Abeke.
My business story will not be complete without the role your course played. Thank you and God bless you.
Nzeocha .C. Prudencia
I got to know Abeke of Abeke Makeover Limited long before she created the Autogele and even then her makeup work blew my mind.
For me, she is a perfectionist and her work is impeccable and outstanding. 
The training videos are very explanatory and easy to understand. You just need to keep practicing as nothing good comes easy. The Headgear Automation Bundle for me was money well spent.
Precious Okunuga
Abeke's online course is very interesting, you can learn and perfect all the lessons using the videos. I am able to tie almost all the styles taught.
She is a very good teacher I must say. Whenever I am having any difficulty while practicing, I send her a WhatsApp message which she is always quick to respond to and correct me when needed. 
I recommend this online course to anyone out there that wants to learn to tie and make Autogeles professionally. It is absolutely worth it.
Ezeanyino Chidinma
 I signed up to train with Abeke in order to learn the regular and popular pleated Gele but I was wowed with what she had to offer,  infact, the Iconic  Autogele (Rose Autogele Course) stole my heart. So i took it too.
About her, she's a thorough tutor that wants the best for you and will not accept anything less than perfection.Thank you for sharing your knowledge Abeke.

Adenike Adenigba


Hi, my name is Funmilola Olurinola but a lot of people know me as Abeke. I'm an award-winning makeup artist and a designer of African Inspired Millinery also known as AUTOGELE which I INVENTED.

I am passionate about teaching this little known skill and techniques to all of you who want to learn whether you are a Novice or an experienced Milliner irrespective of Race or Gender, which is why i launched this online learning platform so that all of you no matter where you are in the world will have access to learn without impediments of Time or Location whenever you are ready. 

Just incase you didn't know or perhaps you forgot, let me remind you, that your QUALITY of life is directly tied to the BUSINESS/ES you build, that means that in order to achieve financial freedom, you  need MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME.
 Our Courses are guaranteed to equip you with the skills you need to become a Milliner who specialises in MAKING and SELLING Autogeles PROFITABLY.

I hereby invite you to let me hold you by the hand as you learn your first or next Headgear design. Join me and let me unravel and demystify this unique, in-demand and profitable skill to you one Gele style at a time.
Remember you are just ONE SKILL AWAY from the life of your dreams.